This page exists to give you a more in-depth overview of the available Azerite Gear. It includes gear from Dungeons, Raids, PvP, World Bosses and Emissary Quests. If you follow a a link and you do not see where it drops from it is likely from an Emissary. You might be wondering why the Gear here does not see as comprehensive as other resources. The reason for that is I excluded all the gear that is not obtainable at a high enough item level such as Quests and Rare Mobs and also removed gear that does not have the additional Class Azerite Trait ring.

It is always recommended that you sim your own gear on Raidbots. This is just to give you an idea of how gear stacks up and various levels. This assumes that all all DPS traits are unlocked.

Deathsguard's Gear is the Darkshore Warfront Horde set and Wardenguard's is the Alliance. If both pieces have the same traits there will be an "(A)" next to the Horde variant. Blizzard made different traits for both factions in this warfront.

With 8.1 we do not want to stack certain traits. It is very important that you sim your own gear and do not just blindly pick what is listed below.

Additional simulations to show the power of Azerite Traits with different Talent combinations or other unique variants are also available.

For more information on the Azerite Traits themselves please visit the Azerite section on my main guide page located here.

Single Target







Execute Range

Talents: Righteous Verdict/Blade of Wrath/Divine Purpose/Crusade

In this Sim the boss starts at 20% HP. This is to showcase how strong traits can be during an execute phase where execute DPS is very important such as on G'huun.