If you want to know if you should play Ret the answer is if you enjoy Ret more than another spec, you should play Ret.

Ret still maintains strong Burst damage during Avenging Wrath/Crusade. Cleave is mostly non-existent. AoE is strong up to 5 targets but does come at the cost of our Single Target/Priority Target damage. Tempest of the Lightbringer does greatly increase our AoE capabilities.

In Mythic+ Ret is more than capable of providing enough damage and utility to do high keys (20+). Community perception unfortunately puts us less favorable compared to Demon Hunters and Rogues.


How does Execution Sentence Work?

Execution Sentence has 2 parts.

The first half of Execution Sentence is the 250% AP modifier. This 250% is buffed by Mastery: Hand of Light, Judgment, Final Reckoning, and other modifiers of the sort.

The second half is the 20% of damage taken during the debuff. This includes damage from sources such as Shield of Vengeance. This damage is NOT buffed by any outside modifiers.

There are a few external factors to consider. Strength and Vers will both buff the 250% AP modifier and will be reflected in the debuff tooltip. If you lose either your Strength or Vers buff the damage on the tooltip will not go down but you will deal less damage. Mastery works in a similar way but your Execution Sentence will not deal less damage if your Mastery debuff expires.

Execution Sentence can Crit.

What are the best races for Alliance and Horde?

Races are a very insignificant portion of DPS. Play what you enjoy staring at. To sim races yourself add the contents of this Pastebin to your Raidbots profile in the Advanced tab.

What Talents do I use?

Zeal is best when there is any sort of AoE. Righteous Verdict is slightly ahead otherwise in Single Target.

Blade of Wrath is best in Single Target. Empyrean Power pulls ahead in AoE.

Divine Purpose is the best all round choices. Other talents in this row have specific use cases.

Sanctified Wrath can best the best Single Target choice and is our best AoE choice. Crusade can pull ahead in Single Target.

What Talents/Gear/Traits do I want for PvP?

Please visit the #pvp-faq channel  in the Hammer of Wrath Paladin Discord for more assistance.


What is the Best Covenant?

The best piece of advice I can offer you is to play whatever Covenant you want. Do not focus so hard on rankings. There are various situations in which they can all be better or worse than each other. For Retribution they are all relatively close enough that as long as you're not pushing Top 50 World you can play what you find the most fun. See the Covenants section of the main guide for more information.

What Covenant do I pick if I play all 3 Paladin specs?


What Conduits should I use?

Templar's Vindication and Virtuous Command are good in Single Target.

Truth's Wake does well in Moderate - Heavy AoE. Virtuous Command does not lose a large amount of value in AoE.


What is the Rotation?

Please consult the Priority System section of the guide.

Do I use Divine Storm on 2 Targets now?

Divine Storm is a DPS increase on 2 Targets. If there is a High Priority Target that needs to die ASAP you should use Templar's Verdict.

How do I use Empyrean Power?

Just like any other spender. Use it before Templar's Verdict unless the Judgment debuff is active on your target. You can use it sooner if mobs are going to die before your next spender.


Which Legendary do I pick?

The Mad Paragon for Single Target and AoE, and Tempest of the Lightbringer for pure AoE. See the Legendary section of the main guide for more information. Relentless Inquisitor is good if you multi-spec.

How do I use this Trinket?

Please consult the Trinket Usage section of the guide.

Are there any secondary stat breakpoints/caps worth targeting?


What is our stat priority? What about our Pawn string?

We do not have a stat priority. You should be simming gear choices to determine what provides the most DPS. Please see above question for more information.


How do I use this Trinket?

Please consult the Trinket Usage section of the guide.

Consumables and Enchants

Which Enchants do I use?

Enchant Chest - Eternal Skirmish for your chest and Enchant Weapon - Sinful Revelation on your weapon.

Which Food do I use?

Feast of Gluttonous Hedonism.

Which Potion do I use?

Potion of Spectral Strength in Single Target and AoE.

Do I use Stones or Oil?

Sim yourself. Both are very close at this time.


Please consult the Mythic+ Guide.

Addons/Weak Auras

Do you recommend any Rotation Helper addons?

I strongly recommend Hekili. It is based off SimC. You should have Avenging Wrath/Crusade and Trinkets disabled from showing. You need to learn when to use them.

What is the best WeakAura package for Ret? Where do I find a WeakAura for "InsertRequestHere"?

It is personal preference. There is no best. Search through the available uploads on Wagio.io to find one that suits you. There is also a search bar on the top if you want to look for something specific.

Updated as of 11/29/2020